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The Essex Terminal Railway in Windsor, Ontario is strategically located at one of the busiest Canadian-United States border crossing. One third of all international trade between these two countries move through the Windsor - Detroit gateway. Windsor is directly south of Detroit, Michigan. The Detroit River linking the Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence Seaway, one of the world's busiest commercial waterways, is the city's northern boundary.

Essex Terminal Railway

The Essex Terminal Railway has direct connections with the CNR - CPR - CSXT - NS railways. The ETR trackage extends from Windsor, ON to Amherstburg, ON serving lumber transfer yards, major agricultural and chemical plants, machinery, steel, grain, salt and scrap industry, a Great Lake marine terminal accommodating ocean vessels, and a large automotive parts production center.

The operation of the railway is geared to provide superior response to customer requirements. Operating practices facilitate the movement of cars from our customers to interchange within hours. Similarly, cars received in interchange are promptly delivered to the plants as required. Our Yard Office and Freight Office maintain close communication with customers and connecting railroads to ensure that cars are handled promptly.

Our locomotive shop keeps our five switching locomotives in excellent mechanical condition while our repair shop for freight cars perform general maintenance and car pool work.

The railway's tracks and main lines are well maintained. Trained and qualified, three man crews operate all freight trains.

Since the reputation and success of the ETR depends upon the care and promptness with which its business is conducted and the manner in which its patrons are treated by railway personnel, all Essex Terminal Railway employees are dedicated to provide timely and quality customer service.

Miles of Road: Operated, 22. Equipment: Locomotives - diesel-electric, 5. Other: ballast, 2. Caboose, 2. Sand car, 1. Total 5.

Freight Connections and Junction Points

Canadian National Railways Windsor, ON
Canadian Pacific Railway Windsor, ON
CSX Transportation Windsor, ON

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